Our Services

YK-Robotics studies, designs, develops and deploys advanced robotic systems to solve general industry processes needs. Our team of talented robotic engineers and machine learning specialists provides a 360-degree service, bringing to your company all the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence.

All the platforms we integrate include our control unit and our user interface that boosts the performance of the robotic system while facilitating its usage and customization by our clients.

Our integration service is organized in five steps:


Understand your need

Before jumping to a solution we carefully characterize the key aspects of the problem. (Free)


Preliminary Study

A preliminary technical proposal is provided including an estimation of the improvements in the KPIs that best relate to your need.


Engineer the solution

Design, develop, train and test the robotic platform and machine learning models.


Delivery and Training

We do not just provide an integrated platform solving your need but also a tool that you can easily customize whenever needed.



We provide a close post-service assistance to the platforms we integrate.

YK-Robotics control unit software can control a wide variety of robots, end-effectors and sensors from most major brands. We use on-edge computing to embed the latest machine learning models. We will select just the right platform for you always providing the same simplicity and efficiency of use.

Here are some of the major brands our software can control:

Processing Units



A connected robotic arm equipped with adequate tools and sensors can be used to execute a wide variety of tasks in most productive sectors. From handling probes in a pharmaceutical laboratory to assemble, control, pack or store general industry components.
YK-Robotics application sectors are broad and in continuous expansion. 

Here are some of the main tasks our platforms can execute in an efficient, productive and easy-to-use manner:

Packing and Palletizing

Packing, palletizing and storing can be automated improving the productivity, traceability and reliability of those processes.

YK-Robotics integrates both industrial and collaborative platforms to execute such tasks in an optimized manner. From palletizing hundred-kilogram objects using an industrial robotic arm to storing small and variable objects handled by a human using a cobot. Additionally, the delivered software allows our clients to customize the robot cell and process steps whenever is needed without requiring of substantial integrations.

Machine Tending

Productive chains make use of a wide variety of machines before getting to their final product. Industrial or collaborative robotic platforms can be used to load, operate and control such machines in a continuous repeatable and easily monitored manner.

YK-Robotics integrates industrial and collaborative robotics platforms that can be used to operate all sorts of machines such as CNCs, laboratory instruments, 3d printers, bending or stamping machines between many others. All our integrations include a human-centered designed interface that allows you to easily modify the executed process in an independent manner whenever may be needed.

Pick & Place

In many cases an operator would benefit from having a partner that passes them what they need when they need it. In others, they may want to teleoperate or autonomously transport a solid or liquid that can be dangerous for them to manipulate.

YK-Robotics integrates platforms embedding machine learning models to better interpret the environment and the operator needs, making of the robotic platform the partner you need. Our platforms are designed to make the human-robot interaction as natural and human as possible. Additionally, the provided interface allows to easily customize the implemented processes in an independent manner.


Robotic platforms can incorporate tools such as screwdrivers, soldering or glue dispensing devices to perform assembly tasks in an accurate and repeatable manner.

YK-Robotics integrates industrial and collaborative robotic platforms including the required tools for your assembly needs. Thanks to our control unit capabilities and on-edge machine learning inference, our platforms can operate even in non-structured environments. In addition, our user-centered interface makes it easy to modify the assembly process in an independent matter whenever needed.

Quality Control

Classification and detection models have proved their potential to identify defects, process malfunctions or other undesired anomalies. Image processing techniques allow to measure components and quantify visual features for a precise quality control.

YK-Robotics integrates the image processing pipelines and machine learning models that best fit your quality control needs. A training as a service is offered to continuously improve the performance of the provided models whenever more data is available. We provide a 360-degree service to facilitate both the generation of the model you need and the integration and usage of such model within your process.


The potentiality of nowadays robotic platforms goes far beyond the presented applications. Our control unit allows us to rapidly implement novel control strategies and use machine learning models to solve nonstandard applications.

YK-Robotics is composed by a team of engineers and PhDs with several years of experience in pursuing research in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. We get thrilled to face new challenges everyday so if you have one, let us know!

Do you already use a robotic platform in your process?

By adding our control unit, we can transform your platform in a better and more usable tool.

Our Benefits

By embbeding our control unit and human-centered user interface in a robotic platform, either existing or new, we make the platform better use the information it perceives and drastically simplify the way an operator can program, control and monitor it. This allows us to provide a fast break even point (BEP) and high return over investment (ROI) to all our clients.


Up to

Reduction in deployment time

Low training

Learn to professionally use the robotic platform in

Training Days

Optimized processes

Machine learning and simulations improve process performance

control and monitor

Access to the process information and self-customize it whenever you need


Progetto co-finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

Il progetto MOVEON nasce dall’individuazione di un bisogno specifico delle PMI e degli integratori di sistema, ovvero la necessità di una maggiore facilità e versatilità nell’uso delle piattaforme robotiche e degli algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale, condizione necessaria per migliorare la loro produttività. Il nostro obiettivo è quindi quello di umanizzare la programmazione e l’insegnamento delle diverse azioni che una piattaforma robotica deve realizzare durante il suo utilizzo nei processi aziendali. Questo progetto ha come obiettivo il primo sviluppo di un software che consentirà di configurare e programmare in modo intuitivo piattaforme robotiche integrate e algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale.