One platform

unlimited automation

A platform to unleash the full potential of automation creators, from system integrators to general industry manufacturers.

our solutions for manufacturers

A simple, flexible and efficient way to automate

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We study, design, develop and deploy advanced robotic systems to solve general industry processes needs. Our team of talented robotic engineers and machine learning specialists provides a 360-degree service, bringing to your company all the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence.  

All the platforms we integrate include our control unit and our user interface that boost the performance of the robotic system while facilitating its usage and customization by our clients. 

our solutions for Integrators

A multi-brand and no-code platform for your integrations

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YK-Platform is a powerful, multi-brand and no-code platform that will assist you and your customers during the whole integration process.

From design to production:

  • Robotic cell virtualisation
  • Easy, multi brand and no-code programming language
  • Accurate and realistic simulation
  • Easy and fast commissioning
  • Customised and user-friendly control panels