One platform

unlimited automation

A platform to unleash the full potential of automation creators, from system integrators to robotic cell users


The path to automation is a bumpy path...

Risorsa 1@30x

...for system integrators...

...for manufacturers...

...but we can make it intuitive and efficient!


  • Rapidly create your virtual robotic cells that can be reviewed and checked by your clients, rapidly providing feedback.
  • Use the hardware that best fit your client needs,  program and control it using the same developing environment. 
  • After virtualizing and programming your robotic cell, commissioning will be easy and accurate. No changes needed after deploy. 


  • Let the robotic platform know what to do using our No-Code graphical programming interface. In many cases, it can autonomously decide how to do it so to maximize productivity.
  • Use the No-Code interface to rapidly modify your processes in an easy and comprehensive way. You can create your own instructions using Python.


  • An easy and versatile way to control and interact with all the variables and data your customers need.
  • A wide variety of widget to be personalised accordingly with your needs and with an easy-to-understand UI.
  • Our cloud-based control-panel can be managed both remotely and directly on EDGE.

Our special recipe to HYPERAUTOMATION


Cell Virtualisation

A cloud-based configurator where you will be free to virtualise the whole robotic cell.

Universal & Nocode programming

All major brands for robots, end-effectors and sensors will be programmed with a universal graphics programming language.

Data mining & AI

AI-powered platform with constant trained models.

Advanced functionalities

Advanced functionalities available as simple high-level instructions without a single string of code needed.

remote Control

A powerful widget-based dashboard where you can remotely control and monitor the whole robotic cell.

Cloud-based system

Cloud-based platform enabling remote control and cell virtualisation.


June 9th-11th



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