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Our Services

YK-Robotics studies, designs, develops and deploys advanced robotic systems to solve general industry processes needs. Our team of talented robotic engineers and machine learning specialists provides a 360-degree service, bringing to your company all the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence.  

All the platforms we integrate include our control unit and our user interface that boosts the performance of the robotic system while facilitating its usage and customization by our clients. 

Our integration service is organized in five steps: 

Understand your need

Preliminary Study

Engineer the solution

Delivery and training



A connected robotic arm equipped with adequate tools and sensors can be used to execute a wide variety of tasks in most productive sectors. From handling probes in a pharmaceutical laboratory to assemble, control, pack or store general industry components. 
YK-Robotics application sectors are broad and in continuous expansion.  

Here are some of the main tasks our platforms can execute in an efficient, productive and easy-to-use manner:  


Machine Tending



Quality control