YK-Platform - YK-Robotics

One platform

unlimited automation

From design to production, a single tool to simplify your way to automate.


Automation is the solution to remain competitive in a market with a growing labour shortage problematic to handle.

However, the path to automation can be a
bumpy path...

Risorsa 1@30x

...for system integrators...

...for manufacturers...

...but it doesn't need to be this way!

Design, simulate and monitor your advanced robotic cells with our YK-Cloud

Rapidly commission, run and modify your processes anywhere using our YK-Edge


Cell Virtualisation

Rapidly create your virtual robotic cells that can be reviewed and checked by your clients, rapidly providing feedback.
Use the hardware that best fit your client needs, program and control it using the same developing environment.

Rapidly configure objects that are present in the robotic cell using CAD and calibrate them simply by touching them with the robot or have the vision system look at them.

Single programming environment

Let the robotic platform know what to do using our No-Code graphical programming interface. In many cases, it can autonomously decide how to do it so to maximise productivity.

Use No-Code interface to rapidly modify your processes in an easy and comprehensive way. You can create your own instructions using Python.

Data mining & AI

Easily collect the valuable data produced by your processes.

Easily use Vision and AI functionalities to measure and control the quality of your products.

Advanced functionalities

The YK-Edge is well-aware of the objects that are in the cell and how to manipulate them, this allows to drastically simplify the programming of automated processes. Tell the system WHAT to do and in many cases the system will know HOW to do it best. (add footnote with IFR statistic 75%* saving….).

*Experts cited by the IFR estimate that 75% of the installation time and cost can be saved.

Cloud Platform

Allow to pre-view your simulated cells, provide remote assistance and monitor the deployed robotic cells wherever you are.


We bring the usability of web UI/UX to the manufacturing floor. Robots will be our working partners, having a professional and intuitive UI/UX to interact with them is key to use them effectively.