Do you want to be part
of the future of Automation?

Work with us, it will be a great journey!

At YK-Robotics we are constantly looking for talented people willing to join to our efforts to empower everyone with the potential of advanced robotic solutions.

If you feel passionate to work towards a world where human time can be spent on fullfilling endevours instead of repetitive and extenuating tasks, candidate to join our team to make it happen!

We are a fast-growing company! We are working hard to make our dream come true and we believe you can help us in speeding up the whole process to enable robotics and AI to all SMEs, simplifying and improve the life of millions of people.

About YK-Robotics

YK-Robotics is an innovative startup founded on March 2020  to solve the following two-sided global-scale problems. 


Market competitivity and labor shortage in low-rewarding tasks requires companies to automate a growing number of processes in order to survive. 


Robotics and AI are becoming two fundamental instruments used in most productive processes, workers need to be able to use them autonomously to be productive in tomorrow’s economy.

We need automation at the service of the creativity of companies and their workers while nowadays, in many cases, seems like companies and their workers are at the service of complex and costly automation instruments. 

What do we propose? 

A single cloud-edge ecosystem that allows system integrators to efficiently design, program, simulate and deploy advanced robotic cells in record times (independently of the brand) while delivering to the end-user not only a high performing process but a tool they can autonomously re-program and re-purpose. 

Our Culture


Carefully listening to colleagues, clients and other stakeholders is key to ensure time is spent in significant matters. Before finding a good solution make sure you have well understood the problem to be solved.

Be humble

Embrace Criticism! Reaching an optimal solution one-shot is science-fiction. Actively look for frequent criticism to rapidly learn and reach the optimal solution.

Bring real value

We are obsessed in delivering the maximum value to solve our client’s needs at best.


Work with and for the Team. Your team goals prevail on top of individual goals. This is the kind of company we are creating, a company where individuals feel a sense of belonging.


Mechatronics Engineer Jr

Main responsibilities:

  • Design robotic cells layouts and custom components
  • Contribution to the production of mechatronics and pneumatics components
  • Contribution to the robotic cell startup at clients’ locations

Full Time

Location: Firenze(HQ), Milano, Partially remote

Willing to travel

Remuneration: Salary + Stock Options

Full Stack Developer

Main responsibilities:

  • Developing frontend web apps
  • Developing scalable backend services
  • Designing and developing APIs

Full Time

Location: Pontedera (HQ), Bologna, Como, Barcellona, Remote

Remuneration: Salary + Stock Options

UX/UI Designer

Main responsibilities:

  • Investigating user experience design requirements for our suite of digital no-code/low-code products
  • Developing comprehensive UI/UX design strategy for our brand
  • Producing high-quality UX design solutions

Full Time

Location: Pontedera (HQ), Bologna, Como, Barcellona, Remote

Remuneration: Salary + Stock Options